Wednesday, 24 April 2013

sydney photographer meetup 2013

When Sarah Ann Wright contacted me late last year telling me she would be visiting Sydney for a few days, I was hoping I could meet her. A few months ago, after discussing it with my close photographer friends, I decided to organise a meetup. And so, for the last couple months I've been scouting locations, contacting people, advertising, and trying to make the day happen. 30 photographers (most of whom I look up to) later, and the day went really well

We met up in Town Hall, a few of us, for breakfast and slowly made our way down to Darling Harbour to meet up with the rest of the gang. After a vote, we decided to head over to Cockatoo Island, so we went over to Circular Quay to catch a ferry.

A big crowd of people walking around with cameras draws attention from the city people haha.

The lovely Sarah, after meeting her, she just made herself at home and got along with everyone. Such a kind hearted person and I am so glad I finally met her. She's been someone I have looked up to for ages and it felt like I had known her much much longer than a couple of minutes.

My close friend Jaden came down from Newcastle to join the meetup. I grew up with him and it was so good to see him doing what he loves alongside people that I love, and aspire to be like.

Portraits whilst waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Our lovely make up artist, Leisa, who came along for the day! She is extremely talented and if you live near sydney/wollongong, I definitely recommend her.

Alex and Asher trying to organise Christian's ride over to Cockatoo Island, since he was still at Uni.

Roger, whom I hadn't known before the meetup, is so lively and funny, and not to mention talented. His image is on the cover of Fall Out Boy's new album, and he has more lenses than I have ever seen in my life.

On the ferry, Laura being adorable.

Testing out the 85mm f/1.2 that Jason let me use! It was so crisp (and heavy).

 Dani on the ferry.

Eliza had messaged me the day before the meetup about coming along, and I was more than happy to have her come, and I am glad because she was our tour guide for the day, helping me (I have no sense of direction in the city) lead everyone around. And she was so kind and willing to help everyone with anything.

Jaden weighing up the lenses!

Once we arrived at Cockatoo Island, everyone volunteered me to model, and so after throwing myself on a dirty ledge and laying in a cold stinky puddle, I asked Laura to get up and model for me.

Jaden with the flower crown that I made.

All our gear spread out.

Katie was the coolest model for the location, her hair was so long and she pulls the best expressions. Thanks to whoever lent her that dress, it was really appropriate for the mood!

Alex standing in a light puddle.

Really interesting sinks that Katie and I modelled next to. Hopefully those photos will be up soon, they look really awesome.

Caitlin came all the way from Melbourne, and she wasn't afraid to model for us.

Leisa did her make up so well.

The paparazzi. I'm pretty sure the tourists on the island were really confused as to what was happening.

My flower crown, which I gave to Sarah as a gift. She gave me hers too.

Bijmin joined us later on, but what an awesome model.

Chrystal came along (and brought James, the guy in the maroon beanie) and was also unafraid of modelling.

Dani outside puffing at a cigarette for my picture.

Eliza Kinchington

Amanda's friend!

Annie Bakes

Alex Craig

Bijmin is a wonderful model.

Concluding our day, we head off back to circular quay so those who needed to go home, could. We watched the group lessen in numbers dramatically, and half of us went to sit down and half went to McDonalds.

At night, Asher and I went outside to take some photos, since I need a model to experiment with my flash. It was fun running around outside, hiding from the shadows the moon was casting, and firing away at my shutter.

Overall, the day was really worth all the dramas of organising it, and I am so thankful for everyone who travelled far to attend it. I really enjoyed the day, and I will be shooting with a lot more of my local photographers.

Much love,