Saturday, 18 August 2012


Last school holidays, I has the opportunity to fly up to Townsville on my own, and re-unite with my Dad, and his family, whom I hadn't seen for over 4 years. It was a wonderful holiday. I'll share with you some of the "snapshots" I came home with, I wanted to experience what it was like to document with my camera, rather than create, for a change. And I enjoyed it.

On the plane, I luckily got a window seat next to some unusual elderly people who wouldn't stop staring at my computer screen!

Rising down into Townsville!

Castle Hill!

The wonderful town!

My dad took me to a carnival on the day that I arrived@!

These were some ducks that were dressed up in little outfits!

I absolutely adored this t-shirt! Humour that runs in my family!

The ferris wheel!

House of horror!

I also spent my first afternoon down by the beachside. Watching the sunset over Magnetic Island.
My dad knew most, out of all things, that my love for the ocean and all things nautical had only grown since he last saw me, so he took me to the museum.

Some sort of awesome skull I couldnt keep away from.

I wish I could have taken this home. It would've been double my size.

Favourite from the day.

I saw some clownfish and fell in love!

I'm planning on taking another trip up soon, but for now, I'll have to live with the frantic lifestyle of sydney!

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  1. Kiara these shots are incredibly beautiful. Makes me nostalgic and miss my beautiful home. x